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Get fit with effective weight loss strategies

Chiropractic care methods from Coast Chiropractic Injury and Wellness Center can promote weight loss by focusing on healing inflammation where your body hangs on to stubborn body fat.

  • Conduct a thorough examination

  • Evaluate your nutritional needs

  • Maneuver spine into its original state to help digestion

  • Decrease stress, a major component in weight gain

  • Get better ability to exercise

  • Stop the cycle of stress eating

Services to promote your weight loss

The goal of chiropractic wellness is to achieve balance in physical, chemical and emotional health. To do this, we take a whole body approach to wellness.


We’ll help you learn to move well, eat well, and think well. These lifestyle changes will help you live your life to the fullest.

Multi-faceted approach to wellness

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Our knowledgeable staff will help you improve your overall health by teaching you how to think, move and eat for optimal health.